CRYPTOSTAFF is the first recruiting agency in CIS, Specializing in the search and employment of only specialists in the field Blockchaine, cryptography and ICO.

As an agency with a narrow specialization in the field of blockchaine, crypto and ICO, we offer our clients an exclusive expertise in recruiting professionals This area.

Why choose us:

executive search, as the main method of closing vacancies

the resulting unique base of highly qualified Professionals, not available for wide access through traditional ones Search channels

deep understanding this segment of the labor market, the availability and value of the necessary specialists

a thorough examination of the recommendations and reputation of the candidate including Unofficial channels

use of analytics и modern assessment methods this industry to predict the effectiveness of the work under consideration Specialists in your team

the option of selecting one specialist , and of the whole team under a key for projects related to blockchaine, cryptographic and ICO


This means for you:

  • - hiring process, tailor-made individually for your needs and needs;
  • - support at every stage of recruiting (from making a search request to Exit of the employee to work);
  • - short-list, containing only strong candidates A-players;
  • - the opportunity to focus on the project, instead of the time spent and Energy in sterile attempts to find the necessary narrow-profile rare Specialist;
  • - comments and recommendations of experts on each candidate, Allowing you to choose ideally matching exactly with your project and Values;
  • - minimizing the risks and consequences of hiring and replacing errors Employees.

Thanks to our largest database of vacancies in the field of blockchaine, cryptography and ICO In CIS territory, we will be able to offer the most suitable project in this A sphere for you. We always provide feedback. Carefully select the employers we work with. We guarantee The confidentiality of your data.

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